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These instructions were made using macOS 12. Screenshots and names may differ on other versions of macOS

  • Start 'System Preferences'
  • Select 'Print & Fax'
  • Click the '+' icon at the bottom of the printer list
  • Select the 'IP' tab
  • Select 'Internet Printing Protocol - IPP' from the 'Protocol' Drop down menu
  • In the 'Address' text box enter ""
  • Enter printers/printername in the 'Queue' text box (eg. "printers/ewps" for ewps; see for a complete list)
  • Enter the name of the printer in the Name field (eg.ewps)
  • Ensure Use: is set to "Generic PostScript Printer"
  • Click 'Add'
  • If you are presented with a "Setting up"  dialogue make sure 'Duplex Printing Unit' or equivalent option is selected