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Institute of Astronomy

  • 15May 2023

    The ESA Gaia Data Release 3 includes 220 million low-resolution XP spectra. This sample—in scale and format—is unlike any scientific dataset previously available in astrophysics.

  • 08Mar 2023

    We invite everyone to join us for an event celebrating women in astronomy and promoting equality, diversity, and inclusion in STEM.

  • 14Aug 2022

    A century ago the theory of stellar evolution was in its infancy.  Ideas abounded on the equation of state, the internal structure and the energy source.

  • 08Mar 2022

    IWD22 also marks the start of preparations for the IoA 50th Anniversary Festival in 2023.

  • 19Oct 2020

    This meeting aims at bringing together, for the 3rd time, the Global 21-cm community, both experimentalist and theoreticians, to discuss the progress in the field and the prospects going forward.

     Meeting Website

  • 25Mar 2020

    20200323: Unfortunately due to the rapidly changing Covid-19 situation, and travel restrictions related to this, the meeting organisers have taken the decision to CANCEL the face to face meeting.